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Thread: Don't Know What Some Words Mean? See Here. (Wii Dictionary)

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    Default Don't Know What Some Words Mean? See Here. (Wii Dictionary)

    Feel free to help contribute to the list, and you'll be sure to get repped.
    Kudos to Swift Finch for helping SO much.+Rep Swift Finch Here

    Hidden: .app 

    Hidden: App/application 

    Hidden: Backup 

    Hidden: Banner 

    Hidden: Banner brick 

    Hidden: Bannerbomb 

    Hidden: boot0 

    Hidden: boot1 

    Hidden: boot2 

    Hidden: Bootmii 

    Hidden: Brick 

    Hidden: Case mod 

    Hidden: Channel 

    Hidden: cIOS 

    Hidden: cIOSCORP 

    Hidden: cMIOS 

    Hidden: Code Dump 

    Hidden: Comex 

    Hidden: .csm 

    Hidden: DOL/.dol 

    Hidden: DVDx 

    Hidden: Elf/.elf 

    Hidden: Emulator 

    Hidden: Full brick 

    Hidden: HackMii 

    Hidden: Hardmod 

    Hidden: Hash 

    Hidden: Hollywood 

    Hidden: Homebrew 

    Hidden: Homebrew Browser 

    Hidden: Homebrew Channel/HBC 

    Hidden: Infectus 

    Hidden: Injected 

    Hidden: IOS 

    Hidden: IOS 249 

    Hidden: ISO 

    Hidden: JDownloader 

    Hidden: LU64+ 

    Hidden: MF 

    Hidden: MIOS 

    Hidden: Modchip 

    Hidden: MU 

    Hidden: .mym 

    Hidden: MyMenu 

    Hidden: MyMenuify 

    Hidden: NAND 

    Hidden: NTSC-J 

    Hidden: NTSC-U 

    Hidden: PAL 

    Hidden: Preloader 

    Hidden: Twilight Hack 

    Hidden: Region 

    Hidden: RS 

    Hidden: SaveMii 

    Hidden: Scrubbed 

    Hidden: SD Card 

    Hidden: SDHC 

    Hidden: Semi brick 

    Hidden: SoftCORP 

    Hidden: Softmod 

    Hidden: Softmii Tweak 

    Hidden: Stack 

    Hidden: Stack Overflow 

    Hidden: Starfall 

    Hidden: Starlet 

    Hidden: System app 

    Hidden: System Menu 

    Hidden: Team Twiizers 

    Hidden: Theme Brick 

    Hidden: Theme 

    Hidden: Ticket 

    Hidden: Title 

    Hidden: Trucha/Fake Sign 

    Hidden: USB Loader 

    Hidden: Virtual Console/VC 

    Hidden: WAD 

    Hidden: WAD Manager 

    Hidden: Waninkoko 

    Hidden: WBFS 

    Hidden: Wii Optical Disc (WOD) 

    Hidden: WiiWare 

    Sources/Thanks To:
    WIISO - Cause It's Great.
    Swift Finch - For Constantly Updating and Helping Me.
    Wiibrew - A Few Definitions/Knowledge
    Krisstoff - Sticky/Contributing
    Jamezrich - Brick Guide/Contributing
    Bj4e2 + Frylok + Docsamson - Themes
    Troy512 + Dark_Zelda + Bj4e2 + Mako321 + SonicFlare337 - Contributing

    If I have made any mistakes, or anything I've left out. Feel free to post about it and I'll be sure to add it.

    Please keep this thread clean, and don't ask questions in here, please just contribute to the list or give suggestions.

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    Nice List! + REP. Just a suggestion...Could you maybe put the terms in alphabetical order? I'm that way it would be even more help.

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    Sure, I'll start doing that now.

    Finishing re-arranging.
    +rep for the idea.
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    A copy of a wii game, burned onto a blank dvd. Often used to prevent wear and tear damage to original discs, or to pirate wii games.

    The region of a wii, dictated by internal code (which can be rewritten).
    NTSC-U = North America
    PAL = Europe
    NTSC-J = Japan

    A homebrew program developed to run on the wii, from brick recovery programs to simple games.

    Just copy and paste this over the list.
    HTML Code:
    [hide=App/application]A homebrew program developed to run on the wii, from brick recovery programs to simple games.[/hide]
    [hide=Backup]A copy of a wii game, burned onto a blank dvd. Often used to prevent wear and tear damage to original discs, or to pirate wii games.[/hide]
    [hide=Bannerbomb]Bannerbomb is an exploit used to run homebrew on your Wii. It will crash your wii, and can load an .elf or .dol (It's Safe, Don't Worry) This is the supurior way to install Homebrew on your Wii, compared to the Twilight Hack.[/hide]
    [hide=Bootmii]Bootmii was created by Team Twiizers', and is one of the best/THE best method of brick protecting your Wii. It can be accessed before the Wii Menu, which enables you to restore from bricks.[/hide]
    [hide=Brick]Bricking your Wii, means to make your Wii inoperable, or it doesn't operate properly. Eg, Your Wii won't turn on. It's called a 'brick' because the technology that you have just 'bricked' is now as useless as an ordinary brick. There are several types of bricks for your wii, such as Full Brick, Semi-Brick, Banner Brick, etc. For ways to brick/prevent bricking your Wii, see here: [URL][/URL]. Thanks to Jamezrich for that.[/hide]
    [hide=Channel]A Wii application that is bundled in a .wad, which contains a Banner, Animations, and Sound, that are loaded from the System Menu. Used for launching Wiiware, VC, and some Homebrew.[/hide]
    [hide=CIOS]A Custom IOS for Wii.[/hide]
    [hide=CMIOS]A Custom IOS used for Gamecube Games[/hide]
    [hide=Code Dump]A crash that displays code, (normally looks like random letters and numbers), helps identify problems with applications and games.[/hide]
    [hide=DOL/.dol]The most common way executable format of loading homebrew on your Wii. Similar to .elf[/hide]
    [hide=Elf/.elf]An .elf file is an executable file for your Wii. Similar to a .dol file.[/hide]
    [hide=Emulator]An Emulator is a program that simulates a different type of hardware. Eg, Snes9x, is an Emulator that simulates a Super Nintendo on your Wii.[/hide]
    [hide=Hardmod]Hardmodding a Wii is essentially installing a Modchip in your Wii, enabling you to play Backup/Downloaded games, this is an alternative to Softmodding a Wii, and use to be the most reliable way to do this[/hide]
    [hide=Homebrew]Homebrew is unofficial software, created by ordinary Wii owners, without the help/use of Nintendo. Homebrew is the stepping stone for Hacking your Wii, and is very useful for applications and games.[/hide]
    [hide=Homebrew Channel/HBC]The Homebrew Channel, which is often abbreviated to HBC, is just a way of loading homebrew onto your Wii. Allows you to run .elf and .dol files.[/hide]
    [hide=IOS]An acronym for Input/Output System, used for operating the Wii.[/hide]
    [hide=MIOS]An IOS used for Gamecube Games.[/hide]
    [hide=Modchip]A small device containing firmware, that is soldered or clipped onto your Wii, enabling you to play Downloaded/Backup games.[/hide]
    [hide=NAND]The NAND is the Wii's internal storage. Where everything important is.[/hide]
    [hide=NTSC-J]Region coding for Japan. See "region".[/hide]
    [hide=NTSC-U]Region coding for North America. See "region".[/hide]
    [hide=PAL]Region coding for Europe. See "region".[/hide]
    [hide=Preloader]A Program that loads before the System Menu. It's a brick protector (like Bootmii), and it allows you to use 'hacks' on your wii. Eg. Region Free Games, Region Free Wiiware/VC, Disc Autoboot, No Menu BGM, etc.[/hide]
    [hide=Twilight Hack]A saved game hack, that was loaded from the Game, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This was the original way to Softmod Wii's, allowing you to install the Homebrew Channel.[/hide]
    [hide=Region]The region of a wii, dictated by internal code (which can be rewritten).
    NTSC-U = North America
    PAL = Europe
    NTSC-J = Japan[/hide]
    [hide=SD Card]SD Card's are used for storage on Digital Cameras, Music Players, and Wii's. Now can be used for launching Wiiware and Virtual Console games.[/hide]
    [hide=SDHC]A SDHC is a SD Card that is 4gb or over. It stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. SDHC Cards were supported only after the 4.0 update.[/hide]
    [hide=Softmod]Softmodding a Wii is basically to allow your Wii to play Backup/Downloaded games, emulators, homebrew, etc. Without the use of a Modchip.[/hide]
    [hide=System Menu]The Wii's Main Interface, where you load Channels, Games, Homebrew, and Change Settings from.[/hide]
    [hide=Team Twiizers]The Team that created many hacks for the Wii inculding, The Homebrew Channel, Bootmii, and The Twilight Hack.[/hide]
    [hide=Themes]A Theme is a way of customizing your Wii System Menu, among other things. For a good list of themes, and how to install them, see here: [url][/url][/hide]
    [hide=Ticket]An encryption key that is used to read the title it belongs to.[/hide]
    [hide=Title]A title is a Wii game on a disc, a Wii channel or a virtual console game. A title is identified by a unique title ID, an 8 byte (4 character) long code used for title identification. All titles are encrypted for security purposes.[/hide]
    [hide=Trucha/Fake Sign]A Trucha Bug/Fakesign is Homebrew that exploits a bug in the Wii's firmware, that allows you to run Homebrew properly on your Wii.[/hide]
    [hide=Virtual Console/VC]Games from older consoles, that are available for download from the Wii Shop Channel. Similar to a game run from an Emulator.[/hide]
    [hide=WAD]A .wad is a format that Channels and Updates are stored in[/hide]
    [hide=Wiiware]Smaller games that are sold for a cheaper price, (compared to retail Wii Games), that can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel.[/hide]
    Also corrected/added things throughout.
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    This is great! so is there a link to this glossary from wiiso main page?

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    WBFS - A format on a hard drive that allows wii games to be put on it , and be able to play it on the wii

    JDownloader - An app for your pc that allows you to download a large amount of files just by coping it

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    Thanks to Swift Finch and Jamezrich, added both of your posts.
    +rep to both of you.

    @Ultraplaya63, That would be very good wouldn't it?
    Maybe a link at the bottom of the page? Or there abouts.

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    nice +rep

    feel free to add/remove/edit in any way.

    It's a software modification for your Nintendo Wii to allow you to play almost all of your backup burnt Wii and GameCube games via the disc channel without opening your console or having to use a loader application.

    Legal version of cIOSCORP which runs as an online installer. Downloads official Nintendo IOS's and patches on-the-fly before installing. Compatible with all Wii firmware and serials, however there are still bugs which do not give SoftCORP full disc channel support.

    USB Loader
    Application which enables you play ISO backups from a WBFS formated USB device connected to the Wii

    HomeBrew Browser
    Application which allows you to download the latest homebrew applications and games all through your Wii. You don't need to take your SD card out. You don't even need a computer! You can also delete homebrew you no longer want.

    Newer Wii shipped in later 2008. In order to lower production cost Nintendo redesinged some of the hardware, consequently the hardware takes longer to load. These new Wiis have updated IOS and a new version of Boot2v4. The new Wiis maybe incompatible with older IOS versions and the bug which allowed the hacking of Boot2 is fixed.

    An installer which is used with BannerBomb which allows the hacking of your Wii. The installer includes, BootMii, HomeBrew Channel and DVDx.

    Homebrew application that installs a hidden "channel" which can be used by other homebrew applications to access home burned and factory pressed DVD content without the need for a modchip. This does not modify any IOS in any way, making it very safe.

    IOS 249
    Custom IOS [cIOS] developed by Waninkoko. This is a Custom IOS, an IOS modified to add new features not available in the official IOS. This IOS has been created to be used ONLY with homebrew software. Most commonly used for loading USB Loader applications and Disc Launcher applications.

    WAD Manager
    Application, developed by Waninkoko, that allows you to (un)install WAD packages. The application displays all the available WAD packages in a storage device to choose which WAD to (un)install.
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    Woah, thats really nice.
    I'll add it in later, as I'm busy now. +rep

    Added all of Troy's and a few of my own.
    Also updated Thanks To.
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    Wii- nintendos latest console which utilizes wireless controllers and other features such as online gaming

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