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Thread: Complete Hacking Method For System Menu 4.3u (Smash Stack) + Latest Apps/Cios 08/11

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    Default Complete Hacking Method For System Menu 4.3u (Smash Stack) + Latest Apps/Cios 08/11

    I am striving to make this both the easiest and most updated 4.3u Wii hacking tutorial on the net. If you follow these very simple instructions in the exact order they are given i promise your 4.3u Wii will have everything it needs to function at its full potential. This tutorial will require a legit Super Smash Bros Brawl game and a SD Card between 64mb-2Gb capacity formatted to FAT32. (NO SDHC CARDS WILL WORK). Without further delay, here are the steps:

    1. Download and extract the files of this pack: Then copy all the files and folders within the 4.3 Smash Stack Update folder to the root of your SD Card (NO SDHC CARDS WILL WORK)

    2. Start Super Smash Bros Brawl game, with SD Card removed
    Go to the Stage Builder, Delete all Custom Stages, Exit the stage builder to the game main menu

    3. Insert SD Card into your Wii, Go back to Stage Builder
    HackMii Installer should Load. Be Sure to press 1 when prompted

    4. Install the HomeBrew Channel (HW_AHBPROT automatically installs instead of DVDX so if you see ''uninstall dvdx'' go ahead and do that. if you don't see the option don't worry about it)

    5. Install bootmii

    6. Now Exit the hackmii installer, you should now be in Homebrew Channel

    7. Now that you are in Homebrew Channel, Press Home, select ''Launch Bootmii'' and press A. Multi-Mod Manager should now start up via bootmii

    8. Scroll down to ''WAD Manager'' and press A to select it

    9. Press 1 to Install all WADs then Press A (Be sure all the WADs install without error)

    Fix Usbloader Gx Channel part 1: The latest Usbloader Gx channel has a weird bug that makes it boot very slowly or not at all with the latest cios. To fix this go to homebrew channel (if you are not already there), select ''ciosx installer'', select ios 236 and then press A. Then select ios56 v5661 and as the base then press A to install to slot 249. When the installer finishes press B to exit back to homebrew channel.

    11. Fix Usbloader Gx Channel part 2: Now exit homebrew channel and boot usbloader Gx channel from your wii main menu once it starts up exit it and head back to Homebrew Channel.

    12. Fix Usbloader Gx Channel part 3: Now start up multimodmanager from homebrew channel. This time, scroll down to ''Load another ios'' then press A on 249

    13. Fix Usbloader Gx Channel part 4: Now select ''Wad manager'' then select cIOS249[56]v21d2x6.wad then press A to install it

    14. Fix Usbloader Gx Channel part 5: Now exit multimodmanager and go to your wii main menu and start usbloader Gx channel again. It should now work perfectly with the new cios.

    15. Installing priiloader with hacks part 1: For installing priiloader you need to go to homebrew channel and and select priiloader from there. Select install priiloader and your wii should reset to the priiloader menu when done. If not just hold down the reset button and priiloader menu will boot.

    16. Installing priiloader with hacks part 2: Once you are in the priiloader menu, scroll down to ''system menu hacks'' and enable the following hacks: region free channels, region free gamecube games, region free wii games, remove nocopy save file protection, block online updates, block disc updates. When you are done select ''save settings'' then select ''system menu'' and press A to boot to the wii main menu.

    17. The Next three steps are only for people with a Wii made before late 2009!!! If you have a wii that is made after late 2009 these next hacks aren't gonna work for you and your tutorial ends with formatting your sd card, downloading and extracting this pack here: then putting the files inside the ''Wii fun pack folder'' on the root of your SD Card just like you did in step 1. Now start having fun with your fully set up homebrew channel, usbloader gx and neogamma on your wii.

    18. Playing burned gamecube disks via neogamma channel (Only for Wii's made before late 2009): Go to homebrew channel, then select ''installer for wiigator's cmios'', select ios 236 to load from and press A. Press 1 when prompted and select ''install patched cmios''. After the installer finishes you are ready to exit and play burnt gamecube games with neogamma

    19. Making your Wii into a stable dvd capable media center with Mplayer CE (Requires a Wifi conection and a Wii made before late 2009): Once again go to homebrew channel, then select ''ios 202 installer wiimc'' then select install. Once that finishes you are free to exit and load up mplayer ce to enjoy your dvd, sd, and usb media. Please note that Wii's made after late 2009 cannot play dvds at all.

    20. Now that you finished hacking your wii its time to format your SD card, download and extract the contents of the ''wii fun pack'' here: Then put the contents of the Wii fun pack folder on the root of your SD Card just like you did with the ''4.3 smash stack update'' folder at the beginning of this tutorial. Now just go to homebrew channel/usbloader/neogamma and start having fun with the apps i gave you. School is out so get to gaming already!

    4.3 Smash Stack Update:

    Wii Fun Pack (after you used the 4.3 Smash Stack Update):

    Thanks to egurgle for miixpress and obviously to the devs for making this stuff possible. Any Edits to make this a better tutorial are more than welcome. If Ive helped you in any way don't hesitate to +Rep me. Thanks!
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    so this is for 4.3 correct? i saw the other 4.1 - 4.3 and now im confused

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    thanks man.

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