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Thread: Convert WUP files to Loadiine ready

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    Default Convert WUP files to Loadiine ready

    Because of the 300 title limit on the Wii U I am going to use Loadiine for the retro console VC titles only. I would lile to convert the WUP installer files I have of the games now to Loadiine ready. I know CDecrypt can do this but I have over 200 titles so if you can decrypt multiple files at the same time and like leave it over night or something with CDecrypt that would save me tons of time, instead of doing each game/folder at a time. Can you do that? Or is there another faster program/way? Thank you for the help (:

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    As far as I'm aware, as you already mentioned, you have to do it one by one, yes it's a pain if you have many games you want to convert to Loadiine.

    I'm not aware of any other program that I have come across that can convert WUP to Loadiine other than the command prompt based app CDecrypt, I'm pretty sure if someone who knows how to write scripts can create something that can convert everything within a folder. I'm not that person so I can't help :)

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