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Thread: [vWii Homebrew Forwarder] UAE Wii v12

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    Default [vWii Homebrew Forwarder] UAE Wii v12

    Hi All,

    For those who are interested in UAE Wii, it's a Amiga Emulator for the Wii/vWii.

    What I am sharing today is a forwarder for the WiiU that will boot straight into UAE Wii Homebrew app, this is the uae-wii-v12-bin.tar.gz version downloaded from the WiiBrew site HERE.

    This DOES NOT support GamePad, only Wii Remote is supported and/or any of the supported Peripherals listed on the WiiBrew site, since this was released for the Wii, some peripherals may not work in vWii.

    When will it support GamePad? When the dev's decide to release a new version that supports the GamePad.

    vWii Homebrew Forwarder
    UAE Wii v12

    Install Instructions: Requires CFW to install and launch.

    - Softmodded vWii
    - WAD Channel to be installed on your vWii side in NAND.

    - Install the WUP/USB ready files with your preferred WUP installer.
    - Use your preferred method to install the UAEF.wad file to your vWii.
    - Extract the "uae-wii-v12-bin.rar" file and place them on your SD CARD, if you already have the "apps" folder on the root of your SD CARD, you will get a prompt to overwrite this folder, this is fine as it will only copy the uae folder to the "SD CARD/apps" folder.
    - Copy your Kick Start rom (any version, however v1.3 is good to use) to: SD CARD/uae/roms folder. Make sure the file is called kick.rom
    - Copy your Amiga ADF roms to: SD CARD/uae/floppies folder.
    - Launch UAE Wii.

    If there are new version of UAE Wii released and you want to update, just simply copy the new update to the "SD CARD/apps/uae" folder as this is the working folder for this forwarder.

    vWii Homebrew Forwarder
    UAE Wii Forwarder [0005000010105279]
    WAD's provided are Region Free, ok to install on ANY region.
    Direct links will no longer be provided, you will have to find them yourself.
    Links are easy to find if you know where to look.
    Hint: My VC Thread
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