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    Smile Hello <3

    Hello everyone, my name is Sternosaur. After Emuparadise took down their files I freaked out and felt hopeless. Now I'm in over 20 discord groups regarding roms/isos and have met tons of great people. :)

    I came across this website randomly when I was looking for Wii U injects and was trying to find the best place to see what's already been done, what people are currently working on, so that I may possibly help contribute as well. Thank you to everyone who helped make this website possible! If you would like to reach out to me I'm on discord and could hook you up with the sources I have regarding hundreds of rom/iso hosting sites, drives, rom hacks, rom translations, fan games etc. I even tracked down all the fan games that got a cease and desist and am paying $10 a month for g-suite to host stuff on my drive and team drives as well. I'm looking forward to engaging with the community here and was wondering if you guys had a discord so I can join. :3

    My discord is Sternosaur#9474

    Also if there's a way I can help donate to the site and get rid of these ads that appear sometimes I'd like to do that as well. :3

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    Hello. FYI, there is a script that you can install for chrome to download from emuparadise again!

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