1st let me start by saying I pre-ordered this game. Went to pick it up today and it was the only copy the store had. Why? They didnt sale out, infact they didnt order any but mine.

On to the review:
Its a Baseball game, it has full real rosters and updates for rosters.
Its has a season mode, no dynasty, just 1 season and your done.
It is 2 player with both joy cons
Honestly the AI was probably smarter on the Sega Genesis, AI is very bad.
I find it very hard to Bat, even straight pitches i find it hard to hit the ball.
Pitching is classic so do not expect much, curve, slow and a slider.
Single Player:
CPU is very difficult due to the poor AI on the field and how hard it is to hit the ball
2 Player:
This is where I had fun tonight, beat my cousin 18 to 16. I had 1 HR and we just threw the ball straight, it was still hard and the bad AI helped us score more than actual skill.

If your looking for a great BB game that can compete with MLB The Show, this is not it. If your looking for a 2 player game for fun or just a single player time pass then you will like it. The graphics are the same on all systems, not too much for graphics as its based almost exactly like the Original RBI games.
My score would have to be, a serious gamerscore 5/10 as a fun pass time or co op fun game it gets a 6.5/10