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Thread: 3DS & eShop Roms converted to CIA Format [1Fichier]

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    Default 3DS & eShop Roms converted to CIA Format [1Fichier]

    3DS & eShop Roms converted to CIA Format

    NFO, Language, of roms Look here:




    eShop Roms converted to CIA Format

    These are in .CIA Format.

    This is for Gateway and/or CFW users running 9.x Firmware.

    Some of the newer games may require firmware >9.5 to run.
    If you get stuck at the loading screen, or receive a "SD Card Has Been Removed" message, that means it needs higher firmware than what you have.

    There may be a few titles that did not accept the RegionFree Patch.
    If you loaded a title and it doesn't show on the Main Screen, you will need to run either FreeMultiPatcher or YGWFreeRegion to use them.

    For testing I used a N3DS running 9.0.0-20U firmware and both a Gateway and ReiNand with a emuNand at 9.5.0-23U

    3DS Simple CIA Converter v4.3 was used to create this collection.

    It is HIGHLY recommended that you only use these CIA files if you know EXACTLY what you are doing and do so ONLY in an emuNand.


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    Do you have mii maker? i want to get japanese special miis

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    Mii Maker is not available to download as CIA through the Nintendo servers, this is a stock system app so it needs to be extracted from the 3DS firmware.

    Installing the JAP version of Mii Maker onto your USA/PAL 3DS will not work since the 3DS needs to be JAP region, if you try to install the JAP Mii Maker, it will not show up in the 3DS main menu.

    However, you can see it in the FBI app, but when you try to launch it, it launches the Mii Maker app in English, so not sure if it's actually launching the JAP version with English text or launching your region version.

    Also the Jap special Mii's are region locked to Japan, there are sites with the QR codes for these special Mii's but when you try to Scan the QR codes, it will not work.

    Not sure if there is a way to get these special JAP Mii's, probably search through Google.

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