Loadiine is dead
and i've been getting skypes messages at 4am 6am
and i like my bed so i decided to help all of u and make a walk threw video
as long as u can follow the mouse u will get it its simple
as 123 and i dont talk but my mouse does it for me

u will need sd card 32 or 64
u will need usb stick 32 64 128 256
what ever u can afford at the time
u will need a pc
u will need internet
u will need a wii u
and some time
lets get to this

u will need winrar
its free
32x 64x
this file is the sd card files and the program to install it
password for top is ottawagamerz

follow along

this one is the fat32 formatter very simple
why did i decide to do this because one im the only 1 that actually takes users and walks them threw it
2 most of them are not in my time zone as i love helping i do i love my bed more
3.i dont get paid for this i wish i did but what can u do
4.follow this first than page away