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Thread: how to hack a wii in 20 min

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    Default how to hack a wii in 20 min

    so u want to softmod your wii
    why would u want to do it

    a: run games off usb or usb hard drive
    b: play nes snes and other
    c: watch movies

    how long does it take
    around 20 mins

    sd card
    usb drive
    and time

    mine is themed black lol
    lets go

    first thing u do is go into settings and check date
    second thing u do is check time
    if everything is matching the date and time u decided to do this

    third thing u need to do is check connections settings
    look for your mac address

    u will see this for step four

    in this video i show u how to get the hack

    after u did all u see format a sd card fat32
    and put all the files on it

    when u did that go to your messages
    scroll threw to u see this

    congratulations first of three parts done

    now all u have to do is press A
    and now u will get a windows if u paid for this u got scammed its free

    and this will pop up

    this isnt hard just install the homebrew channel
    than boot mii

    and the rest of this is press easy because im supplying my sd card
    with all the right files

    so next
    downlaod the sd card files

    format that sd card u just had and past all of the nice stuff
    on it
    because this is where we set it up

    now u turned on your wii
    u see homebrew channel
    u press home and see

    press launch boot mii
    and wait for it to load
    u will see this

    now first go to wads

    than u see see 4 directoryes
    and u will see 60 wads file
    hold + it will batch them all
    hit a and watch
    takes 10 to 15

    last part is priloader
    in there u with to change permission
    follow photo

    save settings your done and ready to play

    for hard drive users watch this follow enjoy

    how to format usb stick and make a folder where your games go

    i stopped it because i think u get the point

    now how to convert them and put on the usb stick
    Wii Backup Manager

    remember usb stick goes in the left slot in the wii

    i wish i could show u pimp my wii
    it isnt hard first option it will scan
    if it finds anything u need to update just follow the promps
    and your wii will will work like a BOSS
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    great tut man I saw someone the otherday on the internet say that "LB"site was up,but after you select the blue or red the files are gone due to the filehost being gone hopefully its fixed now just thought id mention it. :)

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    is it dam :(

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    i just modded my sisters wii a couple months ago and it worked just fine no idea what problem you were having or if it just showed up or something

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