Staff recruitment will now always be open to applications.

If you want to be part of the team, you can apply directly with me. Heres how:

In the subject please put it as STAFF APPLICATION

on the body, copy and paste The text at the bottom of this post, and answer the questions.

Don't expect a reply, only 1 application per member, don't message again asking for an update to the application.

Staff must be open minded, Must take criticism if needed, and understand a probation period will be set if approved for the duration of the admins discretion.

Staff application:

1. Are you, or have you been on staff (moderator, admin, etc) of any other website, or forum, if so, explain:

2.a Do you have any infractions/warnings on your account currently?
2.b (if 2.a was yes) If yes, are they expired?
2.c (if 2.a was yes) what were the infractions/warnings for?

3. How much time do you spend on the website:

4. are you currently on other iso network websites:
4.a (if 4.a was yes) what site(s):

5. Do you have access to skype:

6. Briefly describe yourself, explain why you want to be apart of staff, and if possible, what you can help us achieve: