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  1. Canadian Drug Stores Online

    Research signify that male and female drugstore people are dwelling lengthier and life. These more effective educated and healthy-residing men and women are more and more keen to considerintimate and small, and much more welcoming environments which provide convenient, experienced specialized products and services and applications. In addition they want pharmacy that foster < up-to-date medical and approachable pharmacists with a "patient-occurs-1st" mindset.* In relation to picking ...
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  2. [REQUEST] Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE [US/EU]

    Quote Originally Posted by HerptyDerpty View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by InquisitionImplied View Post
    I'm also interested in a NA/EU version, but with a standalone upload for the language files in order to replace the files of the Japanese version without the need to download the entire game.
    Given that some of the game was re-recorded and whatnot, you might want to reconsider that.

    I also love the current trend on the board for requesting within requests. Requestception? D;

    Sorry about making a side request on the thread! I know the translation's messed ...
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