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  1. NGC Symphonia Request
  2. [NTSC-U] Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 & 2 Plus
  3. Thread for Shrunken GameCube isos
  4. The legend of Zelda - Four Swords (PAL)
  5. Skies of Arcadia Gamecube NTSC [RS]
  6. wanna play HIKARU NO GO 3
  7. XGRA: Extreme G-Racing Association [NTSC-U]
  8. F-Zero AX?
  9. Spiderman Multi-disc
  10. Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness NSTC (MU)
  11. Request: Doubutsu no Mori + [NTSC-J]
  12. [PAL]Rocky
  13. Sonic Gems Collection(PAL)-Zelda Collector`s Edition(PAL)
  14. GC cheats?
  15. [Request] GC Multi-ISO with 64 games
  16. Crash Nitro Kart NTSC-U
  17. [ntsc-j] donkey konga 1 & 2 JAP
  18. [NGC] Searching for Simpsons Hit & Run (PAL)
  19. Metal gear solid: Twin snakes pal
  20. NFL Street
  21. Baten Kaitos 1 (JAP)
  22. Megaman X Collection
  23. Mario Smash Football Pal
  24. PAL requests: Tales of symphonia, Zelda 4 Sword Adventures, Zelda Windwaker
  25. The Sims 2 Ntsc U and Mediafire please???
  26. Request Need For Speed Carbon
  27. Request [PAL]Ikaruga
  28. Request Phantasy Star Online
  29. Request Shadow the Hedgehog [MF]
  30. Request Sonic gems collection, Spongebob squarepants movie and a soul calibur II ntsc-u
  31. Request Futurama The Game.
  32. Request Neo Geo CD Pack
  33. Request Super Smash Bros Melee... but...
  34. Request NTSC-U legend of zelda collectors edition PLEASE!!!
  35. Request 007 Everything or Nothing PAL English PLEASE!
  36. Request Finding Nemo
  37. Request Mario Kart Double Dash Gamecube
  38. Request Action replay (wii compatible)
  39. Request GC 007 James Bond Nightfire Save game file
  40. Request request : Super Robot Wars GC (NTSC-J)
  41. Request (NGC) 1080 Silver Storm [NTSC-J]
  42. Request digimon world 4 pal ger
  43. Request Requesting Phantasy Star Online Ep 3 [PAL]
  44. Request Request:Sonic Gems Collection NTSC-J
  45. Request Request (NGC) Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 Rogue Leader [NTSC-U] Oneup Version
  46. Request Multigame ISO request / Question
  47. Request Crash Bandicoot : Wrath Of Cortex (PAL) Unpatched ISO
  48. Request [NGC] Wind Waker PRE-FIXED
  49. Request Help !!!!!!!!!!! with usb
  50. Request [NGC] Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Undub
  51. Request [NGC] Star Fox: Assault Undub
  52. Request Mr Driller Dill Land - Save
  53. Request 007 Nightfire GCI savefile
  54. Request The Simpsons: Road Rage
  55. Request The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  56. Request Dance Dance Revolution - Mario Mix - PAL
  57. Request Phantasy Star Online 3 (PAL)
  58. Request please... paper mario thousand year door [ntsc] version
  59. Request Looney Tunes Back In Action NTSC-U
  60. Request [NGC] The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures PAL
  61. Request Some Gamecube Isos [PAL]
  62. Request Midway Arcade Treasures 2 [NTSC-U]
  63. Request Worms 3d PAL
  64. Request Gotcha Force ( U or PAL )
  65. Request GameCube Save Request!
  66. Request Virtua Striker 2002 NTSC-U
  67. Where to download GC ISO's
  68. Request Resident Evil 4 Trial Edition WITH Debug Enabled
  69. Request zoids battle legend
  70. Request Wind Waker
  71. Request Spider-Man The Movie
  72. Request NBA street vol. 3
  73. Request The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker (request)
  74. Request Pac-Man World 2
  75. Request Request: The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords Plus (japan GC ISO)
  76. Request Eternal Darkness NTSC-U
  77. Request Gauntlet Legends: Dark Legacy NTSC-U
  78. Request P.N.03. (Product number 03)
  79. Request Gamecube Demo/Bonus/Rare/Beta/Etc. stuff
  80. Request Custom Robo Arena GCN
  81. Request The legend of zelda windwaker Wad
  82. Request request Skies Of Arcadia
  83. Request (Request) Mario Party 7 GC NTSC U
  84. Request Blood Omen 2 The Legacy of Kain Series
  85. Request Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  86. Request Luigi Mansion Pal
  87. Request Baten Kaitos UNDUB
  88. Request Amazing island
  89. Request Looking For SSBM NTS-U!
  90. Request Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3/4 Working Soundtrack?
  91. Request Kirby's Air Ride
  92. Request Request looking for Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker
  93. Request The_Hobbit_The_Prelude_to_The_Lord_of_the_Rings
  94. Request Animal Crossing (Player's Choice version) NTSCU
  95. Request Lemony Snicket USA NTSC version
  96. Request Looking for PAL Region GameCube Games
  97. Request Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  98. Request Wario World NTSC-J
  99. Request Star Fox Adventures Dinosaur Planet NTSC-J
  100. Request Request: Peach's Castle (Teck Demo)
  101. Request Sonic Gems Collection NTSC-J version
  102. Request Cobra (2.1) (Viper GC) BIOS
  103. Request Sonic Gems Collection NTSC-J
  104. Request Godzilla Kaijuu Dairantou NTSC-J
  105. Request Sonic Heroes NTSC-J
  106. Request Mega Man Anniversary Collection Button Swap hack