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  1. Request Mission: Impossible PAL NES
  2. Request Doom SNES NTSC
  3. Request Bomberman 64?
  4. Request Thunder force 2-3-4
  5. Request Monster Lair Pal TG-16 VC
  6. Request Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road pal nes
  7. Request zelda
  8. Request Robotrek
  9. Request Ms. Pacman WAD
  10. request- Zeldas Birthday
  11. Request Issue with controller converter and WADs
  12. Request Fantastic Dizzy Mega Drive/Genesis
  13. Request SNES - Power Rangers the Fighting Edition
  14. Request 1u zelda no densetsu mujura no kamen jpn N64 WAD
  15. NHL94 - Genesis
  16. Request NES Joust
  17. Request Natsume Championship Wrestling
  18. Joust NES (Region Free)
  19. Request - Shadowrun SNES for NTSC/USA
  20. Request Bomberman Hero (official)
  21. Request Can't find PAL Earthbound/MOTHER games
  22. Request Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe ntsc-j
  23. Request Puyo Puyo 2 CD TG-16/PCE Request
  24. Request VC 真・女神転生if...
  25. Request Where can I download NTSC-J VC games?
  26. Request Injected Zelda OoT w/ Windwaker texture patch
  27. Request Star.Fox.64.VC.JPN.PROPER.Wii-PLAY-SKiLL
  28. Request Hoshi.no.Kirby.64.JPN.VC.Wii-OneUp
  29. Request some NES and Genesis Games
  30. Request Quake 2 N64,Guwange ARCADE
  31. Request VC SFC final fantasy VI in jpn
  32. Request robotrek ntsc
  33. Request Final Fantasy III (released today on Europe)
  34. Is it possible to turn Mystical Ninja into a wad?
  35. Request Kenseiden SMS NTSC
  36. Request Pink goes to hollywood Genesis Inject
  37. Request for EarthBound Zero in spanish
  38. Request lakitu-ff6-jpn.r01
  39. Looking for a injected wad.
  40. Request Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES) Wad
  41. Request Aleste MSX
  42. Request Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
  43. [Request] Bruce Lee C64
  44. Request Virtua Racer Genesis NTSC-U
  45. Request Rockman X by jpn version
  46. Request Snes vc
  47. Request My request
  48. Request Japanese Virtual Cosole Arcade Games
  49. Request Akumajō Dracula (Japanese Super Castlevania 4)
  50. Request Wonder Boy 2
  51. Request Snes vc ntsc-j
  52. Request Turbografx Wonderboy in Monsterland, Wonderboy 3 Monster's Lair
  53. Request N64 WWF No Mercy, WM2000, WCW Revenge
  54. Request Zelda no Densetsu: Toki no Okarina
  55. Request 3 N64 games I'd like injected...
  56. Request Dragon-The Bruce Lee Story PAL
  57. [Request] - Narc
  58. Request Custom Robo V2
  59. Request Michael Jackson Moonwalker Arcade Mame
  60. Request Mega Man X
  61. Request vc Romance of the three kingdoms
  62. Request rockman 5 vc fc by japan version , no inject
  63. Request NFL Blitz -N64
  64. Request almost every vc game wads
  65. Request tetris sphere??
  66. Request Dragon Quest!!
  67. Request Snes INject request
  68. Request Rags to Riches for C64
  69. Request Inject Faxanadu facelift hack rom & Simon's Quest II SRAM hack rom?
  70. Request NES Gyruss
  71. Request Dynamite Headdy- Japan
  72. Request Haunting starring Polertguy
  73. Request Request Yoshi's Story for N64 NTSC-U PLEASE
  74. Request Killer Instinct 64
  75. Request Nes requests
  76. Request Zeruda no Densetsu: Toki no Okarina (Ocarina of Time) NTSC-J
  77. Request La-Mulana- Japan WiiWare
  78. Request Star Wars games for the N64 & Pokémon GBC games
  79. Request X-Men & X-Men 2 Clone Wars on Sega Genesis
  80. Request OoT: Master Quest WAD
  81. Request Hagane- INJECT
  82. Request Injects of Gate Of Thunder and PC Genjin 2
  83. Request Banners for an inject
  84. Request Final Fantasy V (JPN) Request
  85. Request Tiny Toon Adventures
  86. Request REQUEST Micro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament GENESIS/MEGADRIVE
  87. Request Looking for new Ghostbusters II
  88. Request Looking For Sweet Home
  89. Request Blast Corps Injected PLZ
  90. Request Bettle Adventure Racing
  91. Request all ntsc-j official neogeo games and the 2 zeld games on N64
  92. Request 2 N64 Classics, NBA Hangtime and NFL Blitz
  93. Request snes final fantasy III (official vc, not injected)
  94. Mario Party 2 help?!
  95. Request Dr. Mario 64
  96. Request Snes & n64 request!
  97. Request Splatterhouse Arcade NTSC-J
  98. Request Starcrafte 64 or C&C
  99. Request Single Game Loader - Seiken Densetsu 3
  100. Request REQUEST n64 games
  101. Request Megaman 5 VC (Genuine)
  102. Request San Francisco Rush 2049
  103. Request Please... Genuine VC Neogeo "The King of Fighters 97"
  104. Request [RESOLVED] Star Fox 64 NTSC-U v1 (version w/o slowdown)
  105. Request Puyo Puyo VCA (Virtual Console Arcade)
  106. Request (RESOLVED) Penguin Adventure [MSX]
  107. Request [RESOLVED] Gradius PC Engine NTSC-J & Gradius 3 MSX JPN
  108. Request The_King_of_Fighters_97_JPN_VC_NEOGEO_Wii-LaKitu rar
  109. Request Some Virtual Console Games
  110. Request Maniac Mansion PAL Wad
  111. Request burger time!
  112. Request Knuckles' Chaotix
  113. [Request List] Need NES WADs...
  114. Request [N64] Lego Racers
  115. Request Stracraft 64
  116. Request Marvel VS Capcom 1 (PSX)
  117. Request Injections of Ken Griffey Jr. Games for N64
  118. Request vc three game for all boots
  119. Request Uninvited NTSC-U
  120. Donkey kong 1,2, & 3 Wad's
  121. Request Sonic CD ?
  122. Request fushigi no dungeon 2 fuurai no shiren (aka Shiren the wanderer) SNES
  123. Request region free wads
  124. Request wii vc for december for rockman x2 by japan
  125. Request Magical Tetris
  126. Request Puyo Puyo 2/Tsuu VCA?
  127. Splatterhouse Arcade wad?
  128. Request Dead Dance SFC or Tuff e Nuff NTSC/PAL and dbz games PLS
  129. Request Super Mario Unlimited NES hack
  130. REQUEST: Super Mario Star Road
  131. Request Sonic Crackers WAD
  132. Request Some requests for C64 VC injects
  133. Request [REQUEST] Bomberman'93
  134. Request Gameboy Wars 3 (English)
  135. Request megaman X
  136. Request Buck Bumble & shadows Of The Empire
  137. Request Can someone inject Rugrats In Paris (PAL)?
  138. Request PAL VC Games
  139. Request Super Back To The Future Part 2 SNES Inject
  140. Request Pacman VC Arcade Version WAD
  141. Request Magical drop III NTSC-J
  142. Request VC Inject - Skitchen?
  143. Resident Evil 2 N64 Wad?
  144. Request I don't Know the Name of the Game
  145. Request New translated SNES game Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer
  146. Request Strider VC
  147. Request Injected VC game Requests
  148. [REQUEST] Magical Tetris Challenge Nintendo 64
  149. Request New translated SNES game Flying Hero - Bugyuru's Adventure
  150. Request [REQ] Shadow Dancer Megadrive VC JAPANESE OFFICIAL version
  151. Request The King of Fighters '97 US
  152. Request Toy Story 2 N64 Wad?
  153. Request PAL Wads please
  154. Request Mega man X PAL VC Wii and Mega man 5 PAL VC Wii
  155. where's Samurai Shadow 4 ntsc-u?
  156. Request Metal Slug 3 - Neogeo - Request
  157. [REQUEST] International Karate + (IK+) (C64 NTSCU)
  158. Request: Megaman 64
  159. Request Rockman X JPN VC
  160. Request Yu Yu Hakusho - Makyoutohissen Mega Drive
  161. Request Ocarina Of Time Japaneese
  162. Request Super Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers usa
  163. Request Super Street Fighter 2 Ntsc-u Genesis
  164. Request Thunder Force
  165. Request Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!
  166. Request Super Hang On PAL
  167. Request The Legendary Axe TG16
  168. Request Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers Genesis PAL
  169. Request Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
  170. Request Samurai Shodown IV and King of Fighters 97
  171. Request Super_Hang-On_USA_VC_Arcade_Wii-OneUp
  172. Request New PAL VC Releases
  173. Request Could someone inject Nes game Alter Ego?
  174. [REQUEST] Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
  175. [REQUEST] Metal Slug 3 NEOGEO VC
  176. Request Wonder Boy in Monster Land Arcade and Monster World 4 NTSC-U
  177. Request Final Fight Guy
  178. Request Metal Slug 3
  179. Request Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island.wad
  180. Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake
  181. Request POKEMON HeartGold and Soul Silver
  182. Can someone please post Earthbound SNES with correct banner etc.
  183. [REQUEST] Castlevania Bloodlines & Castlevania Dracula X PAL or Region Free
  184. Someone PLEASE post Quackshot for Sega Genesis with banner!
  185. Request Wonder Boy in Monster Land Arcade PAL
  186. Request Request: Quackshot NTSC for Genesis ( :
  187. Metal Slug 3 is out - New Neo Geo injects possible?
  188. Re-uploads of both Metal Gear MSX games, english?
  189. [REQUEST] 5 Japanese VC games, see topic
  190. :REQUEST: Wayne Gretzkys 3D Hockey N64 (not in uninjectable list)
  191. Request Kirby's Superstar VC. NOT AN INJECT, IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED
  192. [Request] NTSC Mario Party 2 WAD
  193. Request Where to get the whole collection of PAL and NTSC-J Virtual Console games untouched?
  194. [Request] Mega_Man_X_PAL_VC_SNES_Wii-LaKiTu
  195. Request The Last Blade NEO GEO NTSC
  196. Request JPN Dynamite Headdy
  197. Request Super Mario RPG and Super Metroid NTSC-U WAD.
  198. Request Request Mega Man X2 NTSC
  199. Request: Conker's Bad Fur Day
  200. [Request] Famicon - Tsuppari Oozumou ( NTSC-J )
  201. Request REQUEST - NTSC-U VC games (ATTN: ben420)
  202. Request Request: X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse (snes)
  203. [Inject Request VC PCE] Dracula X English Translation
  204. [REQUEST] A couple of SNES & Mega Drive requests
  205. Request Requesting NSTC-J VC wads
  206. [Inject Request VC N64] Zelda Master Quest (v2?)
  207. [Request] Re-upload of Metal Gear 1 & 2 MSX2 please for NTSC-U
  208. Anyone have the Starblade wad
  209. Samurai Pizza Cats Inject Request Please :)
  210. Request [Request] Genuine Super Mario World NTSC-J?
  211. Request Star Fox 64 V1
  212. Request Super Mario Kart NTSC
  213. Request Phelios, Starblade and Numan Atheltics, plz! (Virtual Arcade Japan only)
  214. Request Megaman 2 through 6 NTSC
  215. [REQUEST] World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
  216. Request Request for more Japanese Games.
  217. Request The.Legen​d.of.Zelda.A.Link.to.the.Past.USA.PROPE​ R.VC.Wii-OneUp
  218. Request [NTSC]Super Mario + Donkey Kong Country Nes and Snes Wads
  219. Request Genuine NTSC-U Sin and Punishment N64 Wiiware
  220. Request sonic the hedgehog ntsc u
  221. [Request] Super Hang-On (PAL)
  222. Request Japanese Arcade reqeusts and 1 PC-Engine Inject Request.
  223. [REQUEST] Die Hard PCEngine - English Translation Patch
  224. Request Inject Requests!
  225. Request Vigilante for VC
  226. [Request] Just A few
  227. Request Boulder Dash (Commodore 64)
  228. Request The King of Fighters '96 NTSC-U Official
  229. Request Secret of Mana NTSC
  230. Request Games for NTSC on the VC
  231. Request More requests!
  232. Request Pokemon Puzzle League
  233. [REQUEST] Mega Man X3 Megaman
  234. Request FFII (NES), FFIII(NES), TMNT IV Turtles In Time (SNES)
  235. Request An organized thread of orangechicken wads
  236. Request Requesting Megaman 7 Inject
  237. Request Please delete
  238. Request Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (PC Engine, English)
  239. Request The Firemen (SNES, Japanese)
  240. {REQUEST} Gradius 1 PCE Turbographx-16
  241. Request ROM Hacks!
  242. Request Wave Race 64 NTSC-U (Genuine)
  243. Request Abarenbō Tengu
  244. [Request] Star Fox SNES
  245. Request [MediaFire] Super smash bros 64 NTSC-U (genuine)
  246. Request Request Real Bout Fatal Fury Special VC NTSC
  247. Request Megaman X2 NTCU
  248. Request Rockman X NTSC J
  249. Request The last blade 2
  250. Request Metal Slug X