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  1. Where To Buy N5 Revolution for DS??
  2. how do i modified a nintendo DS myself?
  3. eternal darkness freezing problem
  4. Action Replay on DS Real chip
  5. can i get on the internet with my ds?
  6. copy nintendo DS to the computer....
  7. weird problem buying an R4?
  8. R4 Won't load
  9. New R4 wont load
  10. Patching DS ROMs?
  11. m3 real gba help plz
  12. SD quality.
  13. movies to r4
  14. where can you download movies for ds?
  15. R4 Help.
  16. Can i Get On The Internet With My DS
  17. m3 simply and r5 new software
  18. Problem with running Kirby Superstar on R4
  19. 2709 - Simple DS Series Vol. 44 - THE Gal Mahjong
  20. Questions about wii bricking and internet
  21. changing the WII cursor
  22. inquiry about DS battery
  23. Problem with resident evil remake on wii
  24. Back to Main Menu After playing a NDS Rom game...
  25. does anyone have a gamesave for wario shake
  26. DS Browser
  27. Megaupload account stolen? Contact info?
  28. where do you get a ds emulator
  29. NES Emulator running Mike Tyson's Punchout on NesDS Help!!
  30. M3 wont run any new games
  31. which is the best cards for the ds/ds lite
  32. Virtual Console Wii, Cannot Copy
  33. Mario Kart Wii extra races
  34. brawl copy questions
  35. SD DVD wii
  36. SNES emulator on my ds flashcart not working
  37. Can I boot DVD-SD off the HBC?
  38. bad channelon wii.
  39. DDOC Update??
  40. Anyone know where I can get a compilation of NDS games the full set?
  41. Disaster Freeze
  42. Mod Chip for the DS?? Which to get???
  43. Playing movies on the ds?
  44. Help with Backup Loader Isos!
  45. Updating a game?
  46. How to apply cheat on Mario Kart DS WFC with R4 action replay codes?
  47. Installing a wad
  48. How do you download so many parts for Wii Games?
  49. New to this..
  50. Help I have a problem!!!
  51. Dragon Ball Origins
  52. Help PLEASE!!! Somethings Wrong With My DS
  53. Help!!! Give me Gamecube
  54. Star Wars The Clone Wars Jedi Alliance won't work on my R4!
  55. Why some cheats on R4 don't work but on DSTT it does?
  56. problems with the new pokemon ranger
  57. Was looking around and.......
  58. Whats a good flash cart?
  59. New
  60. Jdownloader problem with megaupload captchas
  61. Problem Booting GC w Softmii
  62. Twilight hack no longer working.
  63. Why doesn't CoD5 work on my R4
  64. can anyone get GTA: Chinatown Ward working on their tt?
  65. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time
  66. Ds card
  67. Really N00b question regarding DS Lite
  68. Problem with Acekard 2.
  69. Modding the wii?
  70. softmii???
  71. New firmware and Wiikey
  72. wpa2
  73. about purchasing the rite card
  74. Has this been asked/considered? (DSi)
  75. R4 SDHC Revolution High Capacity
  76. Action Replay with backup games?
  77. cant load the games!help!!
  78. some games have problem loading?
  79. iso dumping questions...
  80. Moonshell doesn't work anymore! White screens appear now instead Anybody can help?
  81. dragon quest 5 is protected. . .
  82. need help
  83. Best place to buy Mini DVD-R in the UK?
  84. MultiGame ISO problem
  85. Pokemon Platinum keeps freezing!
  86. Will the new DSI be able to run our hacked cards/games?
  87. DS Lite and DSi
  88. GC controller Recover
  89. formatting sd card to FAT32
  90. How can I transfer my CT save file from my R4 onto an actual CT cart?
  91. Need Help NEW to DS downloads need help
  92. Platinum to PBR
  93. .mii to .jpg?
  94. Gamecube not reading backups.
  95. Downloaded version of Pokemon online?
  96. HELP Super Card One (DS GAMES)
  97. Acekard 2i doesn't read GBA?
  98. Help plz
  99. AceKard 2i best site to buy
  100. GBA SP startup
  101. DSi dosen't recharge
  102. an N64 game maker/modder?
  103. DSi emulators
  104. Cards & hdd
  105. DSi &TTds help
  106. Need help with Nitendo DS Light
  107. Which Card is the best for the DSi
  108. 3.2 - 4.0 should I?/wii channels where can I?
  109. DS lite not working
  110. Wii HBC + Gator help required Please..
  111. How do I extract games that are in .part files?
  112. After hacking a wii with softmii
  113. Wad Installer Error 2011
  114. AUDIO but NO VIDEO in GC Launcher
  115. cIOS not installing, neither is downgrader
  116. excitebots trick racing update question
  117. DSi and SD card
  118. Megashares.com help please???
  119. DSi 'Mod' questions
  120. GC Backup Loader Problem
  121. modchip help....
  122. help
  123. lite help
  124. nds help
  125. nds question using r4
  126. Homebrew channel
  127. help!!!!!
  128. GCOS MultiGame Creator V4F
  129. Help on my R4 SDHC
  130. DS Lite won't power on
  131. I really need help ive tryed everything!
  132. SD Wad Channels
  133. will ds applications or ds lite applications work on DSI ?
  134. how can i play games on dsi ?? ( downloaded )
  135. Ds games/roms
  136. pls help!
  137. Help!!
  138. what is a rom???
  139. qeustion !! plz look
  140. Where to get DS films from
  141. Need help getting DSiWare dumps working!
  142. Gba help!
  143. mario party 4,5,6,7 gamecube
  144. quick ?
  145. How do you play the GC games?
  146. Help
  147. Can, and how do you use AR codes with downloaded GCN games?
  148. How do you play the downloaded DS, GBA, and N64 games?
  149. nds wifi problem please help
  150. dpg converter
  151. is firmware needed in ds to play games on it ? or just simply copy paste the game?
  152. Big problem!!! Please help
  153. Help me already
  154. When Burning to IMG doesnt verify
  155. Help With MPlayer?
  156. Help with GCN backups
  157. GBA memory card
  158. Can you put multiple GCN games on a single disc?
  159. Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings
  160. can wii point card be use to top up nintendo points with the DSI ?
  161. R4 Pokemon
  162. Need Patcher
  163. GC backup loader 0.2 flickery screen
  164. DS battery question..
  165. Audio Malfunction
  166. Snes9x and External HDD
  167. WBFS format recovery - how to?
  168. Punch Out Codes not found?
  169. how to rip ds games?
  170. what is a flashcart
  171. Super smash Brother Bawl saves
  172. downloading wii iso help
  173. Fake r4 theme help!!!!!!!
  174. is it my computer?
  175. USB Loader question
  176. can a DSL play gba roms?
  177. how do i put ds games in my ds?
  178. Help sos
  179. A Question about Discs
  180. plzz help me~!
  181. Gamecube
  182. What are numbers in front of nds titles?
  183. ds emulator for mac or pc that works?
  184. DSTT games not loading help pls
  185. [DS] Does anyone have the N Card?
  186. help pls.. NDS Edge
  187. What card for dsi and dsl help pls
  188. final fantasy echoes of time
  189. n5 works in DSi?
  190. DSTT and DSTTi firmware
  191. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  192. Emulators
  193. the real R4
  194. R4DS Revolution
  195. problems with top lcd screen :(
  196. Question regarding CycloDS evo + wifi
  197. I just got the Acekard2i, now what should I do next?
  198. Which DS and Card Do U recommend
  199. Nintendo DS
  200. Wii Theme
  201. The Nintendo DS Flash Cart Mega Thread!
  202. R4I with ver.1.08b
  203. Help ds edge..
  204. URGENT HELP NEEDED! Many thanks in advance
  205. HELP! Acekard 2i Pokemon Diamond saves
  206. can you save gamecube games saved data to the wii memory...no GC Memory card :(
  207. ndsl game problem
  208. snes emulator for dsi?
  209. What DPG converter do the "pros" use?
  210. Gamecube games DVD
  211. Help Me Please?
  212. HELP! GBA for DSi
  213. R4DS Revolution Question/Problem
  214. About DS hacking
  215. Dsi help!!! Wont boot
  216. Movies on DS
  217. [DS Lite] Need some help on modding.
  218. cart for dsi?
  219. DS Ideas and Flash Card Skins
  220. DSI homebrew......
  221. R4 Help
  222. Does anyone know this game's ID?
  223. Wi-Fi!
  224. new DSi 1.4 firmware may brick your flashcart
  225. A Few Questions About Flashcarts.
  226. M3i Zero Instalation problems....Help?
  227. Is there anyway for GC games to be run from USB?
  228. best gamecube modchip?
  229. Gamecube backuping?
  230. Multigame ISO GC backup.Whats the limit?
  231. Flash cart
  232. Dump NDS ROMs
  233. Super Mario RPG + DS?
  234. help ds lite hombrew!!!!
  235. DSi Questions!
  236. Did I make my DSi unplayable?
  237. DSi flashcart not working.
  238. How big of a stick can the DSLite hold?
  239. Questions about roms
  240. Ds or DSlite
  241. could you hack gamecube isos?
  242. clarification on making a menu / has anyone made a shinedown / rock band menu?
  243. Acekard 2i fix!!
  244. Play GBA games on my DS using R4
  245. nintendo dsi ware
  246. Will this work with ds? +Rep for help
  247. how to make a .csm into a .app?
  248. Supercard team release update for 1.4!
  249. Gamecube MultiGame ISO Creator
  250. news on R4I working on 1.4 firmware yet?