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  1. Is it possible to convert my Zelda Gameboy color save file to work on my PC emu?
  2. Not sure where to Post DS Lite problem...
  3. dsi button problem
  4. Need a working Pokemon Heart Goold game for R4!
  5. DSI downloads
  6. nintendo dsi
  7. zelda phantom hourglass help r4
  8. i need
  9. i want to brick my DS
  10. ds r4i help
  11. ds hack
  12. Question about the DSi chips
  13. ds questions
  14. MSX2 File info- what file is associated to what function(s)
  15. DSI R4 Questions
  16. Kingfom Heart DS Help!!!
  17. Wood Firmware
  18. super nintendo
  19. DSi help with R4i
  20. I'm Clueless please HELP
  21. dsi help/advice needed via r4 ...???
  22. Playing backups on DSi?
  23. nds flashcards help (sorry if wrong section)
  24. Wifi ds?
  25. How to download games to r4 card
  26. R4i Gold
  27. DSi 1.4 and Acekar 2i question
  28. ds help!
  29. Yellow Screen Error On Dolphin
  30. Does DarkCorp work with multiboot gamecube games?
  31. i need help w/ the r4i!!!
  32. Nintendo ds r4 card help
  33. I want to buy a Nintendo DSi XL
  34. rd acekard or iedge
  35. Baten Kaitos - Question about the 2-disks
  36. help w r4 christmas edition
  37. is my R4I original?(or fake?)
  38. r4i cards
  39. How to play gameboy games on r4?
  40. need help w r4 christmas ed
  41. Need help choosing a flash card.
  42. Need sav help!
  43. Best DS + Flashcart for playing GBA roms?
  44. Recommend me a Ds model and Flash Card Please
  45. need help connecting ds to internet
  46. dragonquest ix does not support supercard lite??
  47. Acekard 2 w/ akaio help
  48. Soul Silverfreezing on iTouchDS?
  49. Acekard 2i help with DSI XL with version 1.4 firmware
  50. Best Place to Buy AceKard2i
  51. Curious questions about Pokemon?
  52. NDS lite top screen white
  53. R4i Gold help
  54. ACEKARD 2 Help
  55. Problem with DSTT
  56. Converting dpg files to avi !!!!!
  57. DS Lite DEAD
  58. Acekard dsi
  59. Can I use cheats with iTouchDS?
  60. Hey Guys. Im kinda new to all of this. So please read
  61. i have DSi XL System and i wonder what flashcard i can use to play gba games on?
  62. ebooks on ds help plz
  63. sd card help i am this dum
  64. when can we except pokemon B/W translation patch?
  65. dsi xl and best card to buy
  66. ds help?
  67. Need held w. R4 card
  68. ds help?
  69. best place to buy M3i Zero
  70. help with acecard 2i for 1.4 dsi nevr had firmaware b4
  71. How would i go about...
  72. Help
  73. System Flaw
  74. R4i load rom errcode=-4
  75. DSi VS DSi XL
  76. pls help mi wif my DSTT card!!! +REP
  77. how to convert ds movies...
  78. new to the site and i need help have no idea what i need to do or how to do it
  79. im a pokemon beginner i got a question?
  80. Pokemon Black & White on NDS Lite?
  81. DS Lite & iTouchDS........
  82. Does Moonshell support folders in Music directory?
  83. games
  84. patch
  85. New user!! :)
  86. flash card help
  87. classic controller??
  88. Looking to get a DS Cart for DS Lite, Any Suggestions? #2.
  89. Pokemon Black with Akaio 1.7.1
  90. Best Flash Cart for the $?
  91. Need help. A newbie here!
  92. Acekard 2i stopped working
  93. flashcart on deal extreme?
  94. flash card help plz
  95. r4 sd-hc help
  96. Is it safe to update my Nintendo DSI Shop? Please help
  97. Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light help
  98. final fantasy 4 heroes of life problem?
  99. Acekrd2i questions
  100. Is it ok to put DS games in FAT32 part of HD?
  101. help needed fast for m3i zero
  102. need help
  103. No Clones
  104. Dragon Slayer problem
  105. i need help with my r4i!!!!!!!pleas!!!!
  106. m3 ds real?
  107. Problem in flashcard dstt
  108. Golden Sun Dark Dawn Jp. Rom Anti-piracy Issue
  109. help with r4i card
  110. dsi web browsers
  111. movie player ?
  112. 3DS Reviews, Costs????
  113. Flash Cart Reccomendations
  114. stub
  115. Akaoi 1.8.1
  116. Anyone get The Sims 3 working on DS with R4 SDHC?
  117. rar file converter for dsi
  118. Homebrew for Nintendo DS (ALL) Help and Questionaire
  119. NSMB takes ages to load on DSTT
  120. How do u put saves on2 DS card?
  121. Nintendo DS HELP
  122. Modding Fat DS....
  123. I updated my DSi and now my Acekard2i is not working
  124. Nintendo DS FlashCards, Which One Is Best ?
  125. Help R4i Gold Card
  126. I'm getting full white screens or full black screens on roms for my NDS! Help!
  127. R4 Ultra SDHC card setup questions...
  128. Acekard 2i Help
  129. Assistance Requested...
  130. R4 Ultra Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Help
  131. Acekart2 Shopping Help?!
  132. How does DSIware work?
  133. DS Question
  134. heads done in
  135. R4 Ultra AK 1.8.1
  136. R4 ultra ak1.8.1 help
  137. Injecting a wad question
  138. gamecube SD Media launcher ?
  139. r4i help wont play new games
  140. About Acekard 2
  141. VC inject help
  142. DS movies- what is the best software to convert
  143. error
  144. DSI XL help
  145. r4i gold version 1.4 wont play new games
  146. Help with dstt i
  147. Do u guys think 3DS can connect to wii? send stuffs?
  148. Best GBA Flashcart?
  149. Im new also noob, trying to figure how to put games/firmware on a dsi xl
  150. Help!!DSi
  151. Soul silver and Heart Gold white screen freeze? =/
  152. How do I update my R4/play Pokemon White?
  153. ds connect to wii please help!
  154. DSI Trouble - Sims 3, The Experience Not Working
  155. Is it possible to remove (Suxxors) intro?
  156. help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!! sd card is locked on my dsi
  157. Wheel of Fortune
  158. Nintedno DS Lite question
  159. Where To Get Nintendo Vs. System Games?
  160. Action Replay GC computer manager
  161. converting videos to play on DS
  162. Instructions for Akaio 1.8.5 on R4i ultra
  163. DS firmware help
  164. Help with DSi please!!
  165. issues with R4 and R4i
  166. Problem with N5
  167. Help modding a DSI
  168. whats the best cart for a DSI
  169. ds tagging in kingdom hearts
  170. How to fix Golden Sun
  171. how to get homebrew on a acekard
  172. How to play ds game online
  173. DSI Cart Advice
  174. Any Tutorials on How to Play NES/SNES on DSi with Acekard 2i?
  175. needing help from r4 users
  176. what do i need to hack a ds and play games
  177. Homerew Browser Issue...
  178. ntsc-u games on pal wii?
  179. R4king LL for dsi xl cant play PVZ
  180. USB Port not working
  181. Acekard Pokemon Compatibility?
  182. HELP on my DSLITE!
  183. good online stores you guys shop for R4 cards?
  184. Driving me crazy Help w/dsixl and acekard 2i
  185. acekard problem
  186. R4DS/SDHC card question.
  187. Wood R4
  188. Play gamecube games in 60HZ
  189. Where to get a cheap R4?
  190. Nintendo DSi flash help plz
  191. game issues with akaio 1.8.5
  192. Please Help
  193. R4 / R4i clone questions
  194. R4 sdhc, no udate works ><
  195. Pokemon problems !!
  196. Why wont my ds play games downloaded from here????
  197. nintendo ds lite hack
  198. Confused about DS Lite Flash Carts
  199. Help with running a R4 gold xl flash cart
  200. Need help with dis lx homebrew ch
  201. R4 Help needed
  202. Best Flashcard for NDS Lite
  203. wifi help?
  204. How to put AKAIO 1.86a for R4i ultra
  205. Pokemon White Save File Problem
  206. MASSIVE pokemon black and white bug!
  207. Is it possible to link using emulators? GBA/DS
  208. M3i Zero Pokemon Cheats
  209. Flash cart help.
  210. New game errors for R4 SDHC, I've been gone a while
  211. acekard question
  212. bought an r4i sdhc 1.4.1 (some questions)
  213. Pokemon Information
  214. acekard 2i help
  215. my head hurts darn r4i cart
  216. Nintendo DSXL (R4)
  217. Original R4 and 3DS
  218. NDS Weird Error Code problem
  219. dsi & o.g. R4i kart = brick
  220. Problems using the New 3DS and M3 Zeroi (GMP-Z003)
  221. what flashcards work on 3ds?
  222. 3ds r4 cards
  223. Can't get my R4ISDHC 1.41 to work on my DSI (Error turn of game system)
  224. usrcheat.dat updating help!
  225. Where to keep a lookut for 3DS backup play updates
  226. HELP!!!HELP!!!HELP!!!HELP!!!im completely lost
  227. Update problem
  228. Is the ds Flashcards safe to use on the 3DS System?
  229. My 3DS Keeps Cutting off
  230. 3ds backups
  231. DSTWO supercard help
  232. r4 sd hc card custom firmware help
  233. R4 Wood or Acekard?
  234. r4i problem
  235. game boy game
  236. System File is Missing
  237. How can i get Super Mario 64 for my modded wii, please help
  238. 3DS Wi-Fi Error Code 51099
  239. Problems using a usb connector to connect my ds to computer
  240. What updates can i do to my R4i gold v1.4
  241. Free Nintendo DS Games?
  242. Help plz trying to mod ds lite
  243. FlashCards for 3DS?
  244. gamecube on HDTV help...
  245. 3DS flashcard Question for everyone who used it before june 7 !!! Please
  246. DSi Bricked using 3DS transfer tool
  247. Flash cart please help
  248. DSi Safe Update?
  249. Gamecube launching help on Wii !!!
  250. Hey Guys Nintendo 3ds flash card