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  1. Fixed SD Card, Now Found Out The External Har Drive Has Problems...
  2. Does the Wii support "split usb cable" hard drives?
  3. Pirated Gamecube games not working
  4. New to Wii modding. Have some questions before I start.
  5. Latest Custom Firmware?
  6. Help - Fixed all problems, then installed Pimp my Wii and deleted IOS 58...
  7. Youtube wii troubles. Anyone having the same?
  8. game backup help
  9. Mario Kart Double Dash Not Showing WiiFlow?
  10. help on wii
  11. need help with blue wii
  12. wii quit reading hard drives
  13. What tutorial and methods should I follow?
  14. How do I download?
  15. How do you use games that are larger than 4GB USB HDD?
  16. Fifa update ?
  17. 2gb to 4gb
  18. NTSC on PAL
  19. Need help with play games right off the channel menu(project M)
  20. help on wii
  21. Wii Brick, how to unbrick
  22. What wii do I have to get to play gamecube iso's?
  23. Need help with DIOSMIOS
  24. Help What to remove mod from wii
  25. I lost the SDHC support of my games
  26. Getting Just Dance 2014 PAL Wii-WiiERD to play from disc
  27. How much for wii mod?
  28. help with priiloader
  29. How do I play Wii games downloaded in parts?
  30. WBFS manager vs Partitioned hard drive
  31. Need advise/help (read)
  32. update help
  33. Does anyone if the Seagate Slim 500GB HDD will work with a softmodded Wii
  35. Need Help with Loading Games Usb-loader,configure usb
  36. help needed plz
  37. Help with Wiiflow 4.1.3
  38. CFG loader plays CD wbfs copys but not downloaded wbfs ones?
  39. Hardmod Wii Question
  40. need info on wiiflow and other stuff, please
  41. Is it possible to play Wii ISOs from an SD card?
  42. Soft Modded wii not loading any channels
  43. USB loader Freezes At Booting Game
  44. please,anyone know how to get Monster HUnter G working? T^T
  45. Cant find Greenday?! Game
  46. Wii and gamecube games
  47. Recommendations Please
  48. So many problems
  49. I can't get Escape from Bug Island [RN9E4F.wbfs] to work. Can anyone help me?
  50. IMGBURN for Mac or related app?
  51. SSBM wont load,just get green screen?
  52. Mac & USB game backups?
  53. Try format my external HDD
  54. Hi, need help regarding softmod/hardmod.
  55. WII USB Loader Help
  56. Modding my new used WII
  57. Is it possible to play Emulator of snes on the wbfs manager from a external hdd?
  58. Gen Plus GX Forwarders Won't Load From USB Loader GX
  59. usb launcher problem won't show game
  60. wiiflow - works but doesnt show games on menu
  62. My first thread... help appreciated :)
  63. DDR PAD not working
  64. gamecube installs skipping to successfully installed
  65. Help new to homebrew
  66. Is there any way to tell if an ISO is fugged?
  67. Get old homebrewed wii up to date
  68. Some questions (playing gamcube on the wii and import save data)
  69. How to organise Wiiiware games on my SD card
  70. Playing Wii ISO on the Wii U
  71. Gamecube controllers won't work on my soft modded Wii
  72. I have the HBC installed on my Wii U's vWii mode. I'm trying to use a CC Pro original
  73. Eight hours in, still need help. Stuck trying to install IOS236
  74. A Little Help Plz?
  75. Help needed to update daughters softmodded Wii 3.2e white pls.
  76. USB loader and Wiiflow won't load if USB is plugged in
  77. Is it a good idea to update to 4.3e from 4.0e?
  78. simple iso patcher 1.4
  79. cleanrip to dvd + riivolution
  80. Upgrade Question Wii
  81. neogamma no wbfs partition found
  82. Games not found on Hard Drive via USB Loaders.
  83. Help With Metroid Prime Trilogy
  84. installing a WAD file game
  85. Problem with my Wii, Stack Dump,Exception:DSi Occured.
  86. Can i use a WDSF drive for other Wii stuff too? (like roms for emulators)
  87. A Few problems after following Letterbomb hack Tutorial
  88. Skyward Sword & Softmodded Wii..?
  89. Game/emulator storage advice
  90. Will a 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive work..?
  91. Need help playing gamecube backups!
  92. Playing WWE 2K14 Patch on actual Wii Console
  93. WIA to ISO/WBFS..?
  94. Can't play Gamecube Games
  95. Questions On What Proper Games To Download On My LeftOver Wii...
  96. Is there a way to start clean on modded wii?
  97. Wii Help - Haven't Used It In A Long Time
  98. Hep with Dios Mios?
  99. Portable Wii?
  100. usb mod
  101. Updating an OLD Wii cIOS
  102. Am I good to install Dios Mios?
  103. PS3 Fightstick on Wii?
  104. Help with running wads for virtual console Black Screen
  105. Gamecube multiiso help
  106. Animal Crossing E+ not loading
  107. I'm new here please help.
  108. N64 Animal Forest on wii - Is there a way to save game play?
  109. Best solution to play Gamecube on softmodded wii
  110. I'm in trouble with Nintendo :(
  111. Load WBFS games using WBFS Manager
  112. Nand Format ? Advice ?
  113. IOS58 and HBC on old Softmodded WII
  114. burn psx games for wiisx
  115. so dios mios and that annoying black bar .__.
  116. custom wii menu/healthscreen ect?
  117. Wii Random Screen Flickering
  118. help needed please!
  119. WiiFlow boot problem
  120. Is it ok to do system update?
  121. JP wad problem!
  122. New to the Forum.. Need Help with Gamecube installation for backups.
  123. What should I do?
  124. Nintendont and Gamecube Controller (Wii)
  125. How to make backups?
  126. Playing PAL games on an NTSC Wii with NeoGamma
  127. HELP havent modified Wii in over 3 years and need guidance for what to do next!
  128. How to update Wii to latest firmware and clear everything off system?
  129. Quick Question Regarding Multiple Games in WiiFlow, Please Help!!!
  130. Quick Question Regarding Multiple Games in WiiFlow, Please Help!!!
  131. Multiple Games in WiiFlow (2), Please Help!!!!
  132. How do I play Newer Super Mario Bro's on dolphin?
  133. Sphinx And The Cursed Mummy Freezes at Loading Screen
  134. Help partitioning a hard drive that's already been formatted to WBFS
  135. just got my wiiu with firmware 5.1.2
  136. Smash Stack on my Wii U tells me Only unpatched versions will be used?
  137. Newbie getting his First Wii U
  138. Please help. My little brother updated my soft-modded Wii...
  139. USB Loader GX freezing for every second EmuNand game.
  140. Neogamma Gamecube Help
  141. how do you backup wii games that are on my wii?
  142. do you need a sd card for the setup files for softmodding?
  143. A few questions regarding my newly modded Wii.
  144. A few newbie questions about softmodding and tech terms
  145. Cfg Usb Loader?
  146. Issues loading games from USB on Wii
  147. How to load games from HDD by Wiiflow
  148. load ios 250 - 224
  149. Need help on WiiFlow and USB Loader GX
  150. Anyone have a copy of Neogamma r9 beta 43
  151. How to replace sounds and music in USB Loader GX
  152. download on this site ? please help
  153. WiiMC SMB
  154. SD Card or USB Device?
  155. Play ProjectM 3.5 on Wii PAL (Confirmed)
  156. can`t find any wii games
  157. How to redownload games on used wii u
  158. Wii Mod. HD Games and NES emulator
  159. messed up on modding wii
  160. Super Mario 64 gecko codes not working!
  161. Guys, Help and stuff
  162. Question 1: Looking for Wii(U) image Gallery Sites
  163. usb loader question
  164. nes question please help
  165. WII WAD- Majoras mask cant find it anywhere
  166. PAL vWii & WiiU 50 or 60hz?
  167. gc games from sd card
  168. Problem external hard disk with format wbfs
  169. Mario Kart Online Question
  170. Which Premium website do most people use to upload their games?
  171. The Last Story Error
  172. need help!!!!
  173. Can't back up ISO
  174. Constant 102-2106 Connection Issues?
  175. Just purchased a wii with just a wii classic controller...
  176. black screen or return to hbc
  177. Nintendont exception DSI occured error.
  178. SNEEK just wont work, several SD'c tried, at wits end. Help?
  179. Xenoblade Chronicles Issue on softmodded Wii with USBLoader GX
  180. Wii crashes and beep (MH3...)
  181. Error 32017 - Trying to Update after Soft Mod
  182. I can download Wii ISO?
  183. Emunand Usb Loader Trouble
  184. 100% NEWBIE. Appreciate your help!
  185. WIIU - WII installing iso games on internal sdcard
  186. not able to install Bootmii
  187. Installing Wads on wii u
  188. Run-time error '5' during creating custom wads!!!
  189. Run-time error '5' during injecting wads
  190. Back on the Scene 3 years out Updated Advice needed ?
  191. Hope its okay to ask some Bootmii questions here
  192. Need Help PLS
  193. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Black Screen
  194. Wii has no sound
  195. Having problems with downloads but can't post to Help Board, so, please help
  196. homebrew updates question ....
  197. Wii games fail to load, but Gamecube games work. Am I missing something?
  198. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn on Dolphin problems
  199. Good Download Managers?
  200. Emulator Installation Help
  201. SD Card Versus HDD Lagging
  202. usb stick problem
  203. Need help with riivolution for project m 3.5
  204. Using Burnt Copy of game for vWii
  205. Need help: Wii system keep shut off by itself.
  206. HDD accidentally formated
  207. Guitar Hero DLC emunand help
  208. Wii U HDD Help Need to Recover
  209. Wiimote sync problem. I have to use 2 wiimotes to start a game.
  210. updated usb compatibility list???
  211. Kirby's Return to Dreamland white screen
  212. METROID OTHER M VWII, Freeze :(
  213. Can't install a WAD on my Wii
  214. Wii VC/Wiiware via Ext. HDD/SD
  215. latest wii u update - vwii exploit still possible?
  216. wii u wii mode cfg loader load games from sd card as default-how
  217. Rune Factory Oceans (NTSC-J) black screen on USB load
  218. My Wii (PAL) thinks it's NTSC.
  219. Having trouble loading a game in CFG
  220. sneek nand wifriend icode ?
  221. black n white games?
  222. not loading
  223. iso vs wbfs
  224. CEMU Decryption Key won't work?
  225. WiiFlow Covers help
  226. Requesting some advice coming back to WII
  227. Cover Flow in WiiFlow
  228. Games for kids?
  229. GX + UNEEK + Just Dance DLC?
  230. Where to find Legit Wii hacking guide???
  231. Guides on how to play downloaded Wii and GC games???
  232. Black screen when loading Just Dance 2014 & 2015
  233. new wii u want to back up games how?
  234. Wii , Mod, usb, iso, bootmii and other things i can not get correctly working
  235. Unable to unrar wii u files
  236. d2x Custom IOS Installer Problem with vwii HELP PLEASE!
  237. MMM/MutliModManager lockup in vWii
  238. Project Zero Maiden of Black Water CEMU Key tutorial or help please
  239. help with extracting rar
  240. Wii - SD Card broken - softmodded wii - HELP
  241. How do you download Wii U games from Website and play them?
  242. USB Loader problem
  243. need help for wii motion plus
  244. Bakugan Battle Brawlers Black Screen Freezes Help
  245. Wii U Region Lock
  246. Help soft modding a Wii U (European) system
  247. How to run WAD (VC) games loadiineGX2 WiiU 5.3.2?
  248. need help injecting snes roms to wiiu vc
  249. Zelda Majora's Mask dosnt work with emunand?
  250. HELP [WiiU-Loadinne Gx2] Cannot save in game anymore