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  1. Rules - Requesting Wii Games!
  2. Request Star Wars The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels
  3. Request Cooking Mama 2 - World Kitchen [PAL]
  4. Request rapidshare links for the last story and boom street
  5. Request Lego Lord of The Rings
  6. Request Bomberman Blast (JPN)
  7. Request Rogue.Trooper.The.Quartz.Zone.Massacre.USA.Wii-BiOSHOCK
  8. Request [Request] Sengoku Basara Samurai Warriors UNDUB
  9. Request Wonderboy in Monsterland Arcade Japanese Wii Wad
  10. Request Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
  11. Request Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the new world NTSC (MEGA)
  12. Request Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters NTSC-U ISO datafile or uploaded
  13. Request Pangya! Golf with Style!
  14. Request [DAXP01] The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword (Demo PAL)
  15. Request Project Zero 2 Wii Edition and Disaster:Day Of Crisis (PAL Wii)
  16. Request Skylanders Superchargers USA Wii
  17. Request Skyward Sword
  18. Request Twilight Princess NTSC-J (RZDJ01)
  19. Request Prototypes of Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword
  20. Request requesting Reader Rabbit ntsc iso's
  21. Request Mario Kart Black
  22. Request SOJP41 - Rayman Origins
  23. Request new rules for requesting wii games 2015
  24. Request Skylanders Superchargers Wii PAL (EUR)
  25. Request Mario super sluggers ntsc-u
  26. Request Radirgy Noa Wii NTSC-J
  27. Request crash mind over mutant Wii Eng ( REQUEST )
  28. Request Star Wars_ The Force Unleashed 1 and 2
  29. Request Nights Journey of Dreams
  30. Request Minna no Rhythm Tengoku english patched
  31. Request Puyo Puyo 7 and 20th Anniversary
  32. Request Metal Slug Complete (Japanese)
  33. Request the sims 3
  34. Request Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Mummy
  35. Request Order Up! NTSC-U
  36. Request Inazuma Eleven Strikers (PAL) (IT)
  37. Request Two game requests (Free Running and Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross)
  38. Request 2 wii game requests
  39. Request We Ski and Snowboard or We Ski usa
  40. Request Hospital.: 6-nin no Ishi JAP
  41. Request TrackMania: Build to Race
  42. Request Mario Strikers Charged PAL (ENGLISH)
  43. Request lego batman 2
  44. Request DDR Wii JP
  45. Request Mario Kart Wii
  46. Request Janga for the Wii USB
  47. Request: Nights Journey of Dreams, Sega Superstars Tennis Wii
  48. Request [REQUEST] The Amazing Race PAL
  49. Request Harvest Moon Animal Parade
  50. Request All Raving Rabbids PAL games
  51. Request [REQUEST] Our House: TV Party
  52. Request Fatal Frame 4
  53. Request [Request] PDC World Championship Darts Pro tour
  54. Pokemon Battle Revolution?
  55. Request [Request] Just Dance Wii (NTSC-J)
  56. Request [REQUEST] - Need Wii Fitplus game
  57. Request Punch-Out Wii! (english)
  58. Request thomas and friends hero of the rails
  59. Request Metroid:Other M Japanese ISO
  60. Request Just Dance 2017 NTSC Wii
  61. Request Tales of Monkey Island
  62. Request DT Carnage
  63. Request Mario sports mix pal