What happened?

This is going to become obvious very fast, and i needed to make this for anyone who returned to see asap.
WIIUISO was hacked, Multiple times, along with some other iso sites. sadly, we lost everything. A sad time for all us who helped to make this a thriving community.
I was lucky to become admin in a short amount of time, So my footprint is not a fraction of what others have put in so far, Considering what was accomplished before i came shows how much heart went into this place from all sources, we lost a great deal of work, and a lot of spirit went with it, and it has been ruthlessly hard for us this past week, constantly trying to ensure all members safety, and save the site itself.
We are aware of who it was who did this work, and now, we are aware how. But this individual will remain nameless, as they feel we are merely a site, we know better, we are community, friends, coworkers, and colleagues.
We help each other, support one another, and we defend one another.
To summarize, we were hacked... we may get hacked again someday, sites get hacked, there are sad excuses of people in the world who just wanna create carnage. just to get a few likes on twitter (fail btw), this happens everywhere, we stand strong...

So lets answer some questions.

"Are we (the members) safe?

In theory yes. The hack was aimed at the sites themselves, tho our database was compromised on wiiu. So we ask you all to change your passwords, on all sites if possible, just to be safe. But it was mainly admins who got the bad deal in this situation.

"Where are my threads, and will they come back?"

Gone, and no. we have literally lost everything. and we cannot do anything about it. we are sad to say that, we are aware how much you have put into this place. and i ask you to continue reading, to see what comes.

"What does this hold for the future of wiiuiso"

We stand strong. and we are rebuilding. Security has been much improved, and will continue to be improved.

"will my threads be safe going forward"

Absolutely. many more backups will be done, and will not be accessible to any outside source.

"how can i help"

if you want to help get wiiuiso back on its feet. simply do what you have been doing all along, recreate threads. answer questions, provide support, be a community as we were, and we will grow fast.

"so, is there good news?"

actually, yes. because we start fresh, things will be MUCH cleaner, right now we have a fantastic team. and with a fantastic team starting out, there will be MUCH less junk, and it will be easy to filter things now, than when we had to do it with thousands of threads already made, from years and years ago. So at least we got that.

"I seen your personal information get leaked on twitter"

He tried... It was a failed attempt, None of it was valid, my information is safe.

All staff hope you understand what had happened the past few days... Rest assured, it was with our best efforts to prevent it, and to stop it. Now we must use our best efforts to repair it...

-ISO Network Staff